Welcome to the new huntershowto.com!

In the interest of continuing the traditions of my grandfather, I would like to dedicate this website to him.

Huntershowto.com is a hunter education website dedicated to providing hunting videos, outdoor videos, hunting tips, how to videos, and product reviews. You will learn things such as but not limited to how to process a deer at home, how to make venison peperonni, how to field dress a deer, how to cook baby back ribs and pulled pork, how to make cheese and basil pork sausage, how to butcher a wild turkey, and much more. We will also review products such as knives, tree stands, firearms, bow and arrows, crossbows, hunting clothing, boots and more. At huntershowto.com, we do our best to provide you with the highest quality videos possible. Over the coming months, we hope to expand our video selection by collaborating with local professionals such as taxidermists, bow pro shops, butchers etc.

This website is largely geared towards the everyday average person who is looking to further their knowledge of hunting and the outdoors, and to become increasingly self sufficient through the use of how to videos. For example, how great would it be to harvest a deer and then be able to process it on your own, or what if your bow and arrow needs a new string and you were able to re-string it yourself without having to rely on pro shops with long wait times. We hope that through the hunting tips provided to you on this website, that we can help you meet your goals by using simple tools and basic methods.

New Videos!

Review | Lone Wolf Assault Hand Climber

lone wolf assault hand climber combo Check out my review of the Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo. Light, compact, fast and quiet!

First Shed Antler of 2013

thumb First Shed of 2013! Hopefully many more to come. This is just a quick little video.

Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe

thumbReview of the Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe! This axe is for the serious wood splitter!

Skull Capping a Deer Skull

thumb Learn how to remove the skull cap and antlers from this nice buck.

Skinning a Deer Head

thumb Learn how to skin a deer head for a shoulder mount.